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But here are a few. The juvenile mystery book as we know it—a point of entry for generations of readers who would grow up to relish as diverse a selection of investigators and troubleshooters as Jack Reacher and Irene Kelly and Tess Monaghan and Easy Rawlins—was about to be born. Brothers Frank 16 years old in the earliest books and Joe 15 Hardy lived in Bayport, a fictional burg within driving distance of New York City that had more smugglers, spies, saboteurs, thieves and mysterious and exotic strangers per capita than any city in the world. Sometimes they assisted their private detective father, Fenton Hardy, on tough cases. Like boys throughout the years, I devoured the books. The library at my small rural elementary school—how small?

How do we do it? How accomplish we keep getting ourselves in these situations? Lasting three seasons, it is far and away the most booming filmed adaptation of any of the Stratemeyer Syndicate 's properties. The two boys live in the fictional capital of Bayport, Massachusetts not New York, as in the books with their famous father, Fenton Hardy Ed Gilbert , a private detective who'd depleted 20 years with the New York Police Department and who seemingly has connections everywhere. The brothers can't appear to go anywhere without having a mystery drop into their laps; constant driving down a road heading designed for home means they'll get stopped as a result of a young woman running away as of an angry mob. In the third season, the focus of the chain moved exclusively to them as they become professional police detectives for the Justice Department.

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