50 Inspiring Quotes from Fearless Women

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A little motivation and inspiration from people who have successfully pursued their dreams can help you get started. The real world operates somewhat differently; for some people, this dream path may pan out, but for most of us, the road to our dreams is long, challenging, and unexpected. Of course, none of this means that the pursuit isn't worthwhile--in fact, the experience of pursuing your dreams is often more rewarding and more enlightening than the achievement of your dreams themselves. In trying to put the pursuit of dreams into perspective, below is a list of insightful, inspiring, and in some cases, amusing quotes: 1. Abdul Kalam. Some people throttle their potential by refusing to think what if? You have to start dreaming before you can achieve anything. One is that I can live my life fearlessly. Fear is a limiting factor, and it's present in all of us, but moving past that fear is essential for success.

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