Coroner Finds Racism Played Part in Indigenous Woman’s Death

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Canadiens captain Guy Carbonneau: matching him against Gretzky would make sense on some levels. Carbonneau read between the lines in Game 1, saw Wayne Gretzky frolic in a demilitarized zone, and reached the conclusion that his line is best equipped to deal with His Greatness. If Demers were any more open to suggestions, he would take hand votes among his veterans. But he is unquestionably the boss. Kirk Muller has called him the smartest player he has ever seen.

Quebec is the only province in Canada that has imposed a curfew all through the pandemic. Civil rights advocates allow criticized the Legault government for restoring the curfew without providing any studies on the impact of the amount last year. It comes at a time when Quebec has seen an increase in femicides. There were 21 women and girls killed by men in Quebec in , the at the outset year of the pandemic, according en route for provincial government statistics. Quebec saw a different deadly year in , with an unofficial count putting the number of femicides at In comparison, after everything else year the organization received calls a day on average, which was a record at the time.

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