Just Here For The Shenanigans St. Patrick's Day Funny T-Shirt

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As always, there was plenty of food and drinks to be had. And, of course, there was no shortage of desserts. This thing quickly became my nemesis last night. It was a bad, bad thing…yet ohh so good.

His inch hips, size 23 shoes after that relentless personality are unmistakable. He's a fixture both on and off the field for generations of fans, representing a brief escape from reality so as to only a larger-than-life persona can afford. It's the magic of KC Bolt — the Kansas City Chiefs' iconic mascot — and for three decades, the man behind the fun, brainwave and excitement has been Dan Meers, who recently celebrated 30 years along with the red and gold. The crossing has touched every aspect of Meers' life, from popping the question en route for his would-be wife at Arrowhead Arena to taking the field at Ace Bowl LIV. He's playfully heckled opponents for all but three games as , and away from the framework, Meers has brightened spirits for those in need through visits in Kansas City, the United States and altogether over the globe. Andrew Mather The shenanigan-loving KC Wolf has been the vehicle for generating that joy above the years, but make no bloomer, the costume does not define Meers' life.

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