The History of Loneliness

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Save Story Save this story for later. The female chimpanzee at the Philadelphia Zoological Garden died of complications from a cold early in the morning of December 27, Brown, explained, and they are generally taken only one or two at a time. Bartlett has described to me the behavior of two chimpanzees, rather older animals than those generally imported into this country, when they were first brought together. They sat opposite, touching each other with their much protruded lips; and the one put his hand on the shoulder of the other. They then mutually folded each other in their arms. Afterwards they stood up, each with one arm on the shoulder of the other, lifted up their heads, opened their mouths, and yelled with delight. For a long time, they reported, he tried in vain to rouse her.

Although the tongue-in-cheek name, it is not a niche dating site. The Angry Young Widows Club helps members deal with with their grief following the ahead of schedule death of their partners. Nor accomplish you have to have been conjugal. However, with most members aged 25 to 44, the majority are adolescent to be widowed. It mostly happens online, with occasional meet-ups arranged but people happen to be in the same area. Ben Loehnen, 40, joined last year shortly after his companion, Peter Wertheim, died suddenly from affection failure at the age of He says the support group has given him solace.

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