My 13-Year-Old Son Wants Me to Buy Him a Sex Toy

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And one about having sex with someone for the first time first time with them specifically, not first time ever with anyone. I hope it's OK to ask more than one question, in one post? Me and the person I'm dating are planning to have sex for the first time in a few weeks, when we are able to meet up. As part of this we will be sharing sex toys. I have heard that if you share sex toys you should use condoms. I have 2 questions about that: 1. I assume the answer to this is definitely yes but just thought I'd check. We both got tested for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea last month and all results were negative. We do both have sex with other people, but not any new people since the tests.

My son took my husband's handheld doll a several months ago. I bring into being it where it shouldn't have been and let my husband know. He talked to our son and told him these are personal items, akin to a toothbrush, and that he basic to stop taking them. A a small amount of weeks ago I noticed my dildo was missing. I thought I had misplaced it. As it turns absent, our son took it.

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