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Queensland police are investigating whether missing police dog PD Quizz has been unlawfully taken by a member of the public. Key points: Three-year-old sable German shepherd PD Quizz has been missing since Tuesday Quizz and his handler were chasing a suspect through thick bushland when they became separated Helicopters, drones and about people have joined the search for the missing dog The service dog went missing from Brisbane's west on Tuesday after he was separated from his handler while chasing an alleged car thief through bushland at Ipswich. Police have offered a reward for any information that leads to the animal being found. The four-day search for the beloved three-year-old German Shepherd has escalated, with helicopters and drones being used in the search, alongside about people who have been scouring the Ipswich bushland. Quizz was last seen on Tuesday wearing his harness and lead. Supplied: Queensland Police Service It's probable a member of the public could have picked up police dog Quizz and is housing the actual dog, he said.

The year-old resident of Bursa, Turkey allegedly joined a search for someone after that discovered the search party was looking for him. Mutlu was allegedly drunk when he joined the search accessory and found out his family reported him missing. Mutlu's family was reported missing in the early morning hours of Tuesday, Sept. The man afterwards met up with some of his friends and went to a adjacent forest while drunk. In the afforest, he reportedly found a group plateful local authorities search for someone, who turned out to be him.

Apparently I may not be visiting around again, depending on which one of us dies first. If possible, you should get drunk and join a few search parties that may be forming in the area. Although I conjecture that is good advice no affair where you happen to be. But it turns out the search accessory was looking for you, well, after that you wasted your time but by least you can be pretty absolutely everything will come out okay all the rage the end. According to NTV. Constabulary and emergency teams organized a examination party, and when word got absent, volunteers from local neighborhoods joined the hunt. The search was over.

Ignorant that the person they were incisive for was himself, the man joined up to help. It would almost certainly have been a funny, if conceivably unremarkable local news story if it had not been for the actuality that the man had been consumption with friends the night before. Accordingly naturally, the story became a comprehensive sensation. But is it accurate? The man in question is Beyhan Mutlu, a year-old construction worker who lives in Bursa, a city in northwestern Turkey. He did join a examination and rescue party that was looking for him, initially unaware that ancestor believed he was missing. Mutlu told T24an online Turkish newspaper, that he was with a friend at a villa in the forest, having drinks, and then fell asleep at a propos 1 a. Mutlu stated that his friend had not properly understood him when he stated he was available to sleep, which was why he was reported missing.

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