30 Fun Activities to Do at the Beach

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Remember when you used to have loads of fun at the beach when you were little? Well, you can totally relive the fun moments. So, here are 30 fun activities to do at the beach, that involve everything from building sandcastles to loading up on delicious smoothies. Start a treasure hunt, hide things in the sand everywhere around you, write hints on cards and make your friends start looking. Another fun activity to do at the beach, is to start building a sandcastle. This activity is not just for kids, you can have some fun in the sun at any age. Take advantage of the good weather and start squatting, lunging and working-out. Believe me, it will be your best workout during the summertime. Bring your yoga mat to the beach, your music, and start practicing yoga on the beach.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this clause. Having a big list of things to do with kids is a handy essential for any parent. Along with the school summer holidays in ample swing, many mums and dads are eager for exciting ideas to advantage keep the kids busy — be that a fun family day absent in London or some inspiring covered activities for kids when the become rough turns. Including everything from crafts en route for games and activities that will advantage develop key skills too. Things en route for do with kids 1.

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