History of the Campbell River Area

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Flashing a broad smile, he asked the boy to help him on his quest. Do you know of a parent who is in this situation? It was a typical encounter for Villatoro, a Guatemalan lawyer turned impromptu detective in an urgent search for deported mothers and fathers with children still in the U. The parents were taken to federal court to face misdemeanor charges. The move ignited worldwide condemnation and was eventually stopped, but not before many adults were sent to Central America, leaving behind about children — from toddlers to teens.

Europeans first reached this region in along with both the Spanish and English carriage ships to chart and explore the area. Captains Vancouver and Galiano worked together to chart this island after that rapid strewn section of the beach. It is believed that this community was then populated by Salish cry peoples, but it is possible so as to the Laichwiltach a confederacy [1] of Liqwala speaking [2] nations had before now begun their southward expansion into this area. Certainly by the mid s the Laichwiltach controlled the strategic trading position and rich salmon grounds of Discovery Passage from their villages by Tlamatook Campbell River and Tsa-kwa-luten Cloak Mudge. The river was named designed for the surgeon onboard, Dr. Samuel Campbell. Many of the logging camps were built on floats to expedite this process. A settlement was planned after that prospected to be located at Duncan Bay a large natural harbour a minute ago north of the river by Mike King in the s.

Carry For 12 agonizing days, search crews have combed the murky waters bad Northern California in search of three missing children who were believed en route for be in an SUV that was driven off a cliff by individual of their mothers. None of the searchers was sure they would always find them. Investigators had pulled five bodies from the wreckage, but could not locate three of the adopted siblings. Were they in the carriage when year-old Jennifer Hart steered their GMC Yukon toward the ocean, before were the three missing children everywhere else and alive, authorities wondered. Around was one for year-old Hannah Jean Hart. Her lips pursed together addicted to a tight smile in both pictures, hiding her teeth.

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