John Ivison: Ambivalence rising as more Canadians ‘don’t really care’ if Quebec separates

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We apologize, but this video has abortive to load. It shows that constant governments drowning in red ink be able to find a fairly dry hummock arrange which to rest if they achieve out resolutely. But it is disquieting in two other respects. The provinces are the most indebted subnational governments in the world, a tribute en route for their extensive borrowing capacity and an indictment of their willingness to batter it. The public sector unions absence more money now. Quebec solidaire official Amir Khadir predictably accused the Abundant government of balancing the books arrange the backs of Quebecers. What lie?

This is why we're looking for a health contribution for adults who decline to be vaccinated for non-medical reasons,' Legault told reporters at a conference. Authorities in Quebec are working arrange a plan to impose a fitness tax health on adults who decline to get a Covid vaccination designed for non-medical reasons, Premier Francois Legault alleged on Tuesday People line up en route for enter a Covid vaccination clinic all the rage Montreal, on Thursday, Jan. Quebec is not the only place to allow set about introducing a tax designed for the unvaccinated. Cities in Austria after that Italy have been wracked with protests in recent weeks as a answer of the fresh measures. Authorities all the rage Singapore have stopped short of arresting a health tax, but announced they will no longer cover the costs of Covid treatment for those who have refused the vaccine. Legault alleged that authorities are still finalizing the amount to be charged and are working on the legal details of imposing such a levy, but additionally said those who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons would be discharge from the charge. Eric Duhaime, the head of Quebec's Conservative opposition accessory, decried the provincial government's anti-Covid approach, tweeting that the new fee would only 'divide' Quebecois.

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