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Further information and support Introduction This document outlines some of the things that you might want to consider when looking for private rented accommodation. Before viewing accommodation you should consider: How much you can afford in rent and utility bills The quality of the accommodation The Building Energy Rating BER of the property The location of the property How long you plan to stay there Whether you want to share a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen Finding private rented accommodation Most rooms, flats, apartments and houses to rent are advertised on accommodation websites. You can search for a particular type of accommodation and set up alerts for your specific requirements. Most student unions keep accommodation lists as well. You may also find available accommodation through word of mouth or 'To Let' signs on properties. Accommodation agencies or letting agencies are commercial organisations that help you find private rented accommodation. They may charge you a fee. Before registering with an agency, you should find out: Is the agency licensed? What services does it offer?

Staying after a section 21 notice Your tenancy continues if you stay afterwards a section 21 notice until you either: agree to leave voluntarily are evicted through the legal process A good number private tenancies end through agreement along with the landlord rather than eviction. Accede to your landlord or agent know but you intend to stay past the end of the notice to avert any misunderstanding about when you're departure. Continue to pay rent and barely agree a move out date a long time ago you've found somewhere else to animate. For example, if you sign a tenancy agreement for a new abode. Tenancy rights after a section 21 You have rights even if you owe rent or your landlord starts court action. It's illegal to annoy you or force you to abandon your home Ending your tenancy lawfully You may need to take steps to end your tenancy legally constant if you're willing to move absent. Be clear about when you absence the tenancy to end. You're accountable for rent until the tenancy ends, even if you move out earlier.

But they do not, they may be guilty of illegally evicting or distressing you. Your landlord must follow altered procedures to evict you in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Rules for broken up Assured Shorthold Tenancies ASTs Periodic tenancies run on a week-by-week or month-by-month basis with no fixed end appointment. Notice periods There are different deportation notice periods in Wales.

You can read the 'How to rent' guide on GOV. If you're body evicted because you've complained There are extra rules that might protect you from being evicted if you've complained to your landlord or asked designed for repairs. If your landlord charged fees during your contract You might be able to challenge your eviction but you paid your landlord any fees. Your landlord can only charge you: your rent and utility bills a damage deposit a holding deposit ahead to 1 weeks rent a bill for losing your key or answer fob a fee for paying your rent 14 days late or add this has to be written all the rage your tenancy agreement a fee designed for a change to the tenancy so as to you asked for a fee designed for ending your tenancy early council accuse a TV licence If your hotelier charged you for anything else, acquaintance your nearest Citizens Advice - they could help you challenge your deportation.

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