What it’s really like to visit Egypt as a solo female traveller

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But, Egypt! So, off I went! Travelling alone as a woman, however, is an unfathomable concept to most Egyptians, so you can expect to receive more attention than most women will be used to dealing with in their own country. Consider taking a tour Luxor Temple is exquisite at night. This allowed me to ease into the destination in the comfort of a group before tackling it on my own. As a tall, blonde, decidedly un-Egyptian-looking woman, I was bracing for more hassle in Cairo. The streets buzzed with families into the wee hours, and I loved soaking up the atmosphere — and posing for a few family photos — as I strolled between kushari the national dish restaurants, museums and galleries. As for travelling between tourist areas, solo women may find it more comfortable to fly, which costs about the same as first-class train tickets the safest option.

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