101 Romantic Wedding Quotes to Include In Your Vows

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But with that celebration and planning will eventually come the need to dive into your vows, whether you're writing your own or opting for an officiant's help. Either way, including a romantic quote is a great way to spark inspiration and truly express your love for your spouse. Choose a quote that truly relates back to your relationship. Don't worry too much about whether all of your guests will understand the selected quote. Meet the Expert Bethel Nathan is a wedding officiant specializing in ceremonies for couples who are non-traditional and often non-religious. Nathan has owned and operated Ceremonies by Bethel since Tongg specializes in non-denominational, intercultural, interfaith, and secular wedding ceremonies. According to Nathan, it's all about finding a fluid way to incorporate the quote, weaving it into the ceremony in an authentic way. Ready to find the perfect quote to incorporate into your vows?

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