Causes and Risks of Why Married People Cheat

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Open in a separate window Recruitment posters seeking married men who have sex with men were placed in the offices of local NGOs that work with these men. Men who indicated that they had disclosed their same sex behaviour to their spouse and expressed interest in participating in this study were asked to contact their wives. Interviewers obtained informed consent from each member of participating couples separately and were interviewed in a private space apart from their spouse. Participants were compensated for their time. Interviewers were highly experienced in working with marginalised and stigmatised populations, including men who have sex with men, as well as women. They paid close attention to establishing a confidential, safe, and comfortable non-judgemental environment for participants. Memos were written for each code. Responses were compared both within and among the three different groups of respondents, and among couples, when applicable.

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