Nike Sues Over Unauthorized ‘Satan Shoes’

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As uncomfortable as stylish heels look, women are still wearing heels, and they are even bigger and better today. We all know that the pain you feel in the ball of your foot, and eventually all over and up your ankle is just a normal pain of breaking in new heels, or even wearing a pair that are almost too tall. But are heels impacting other parts of our bodies in ways just as bad? Also, when wearing heels it forces the person to walk differently, which can cause large blisters and in grown toe nails. Furthermore the knees are taking in much more stress which can eventually lead to knee problems. In addition to the feet and knees, a persons back is also negatively impacted because it has to be upright in an unnatural position that can lead to severe lower back pain.

The game is satisfying to watch after that I highly recommend playing. Ive made it to level 50 already. Although, beware, as there are many adds. I feel as if you could get used to them. Weird adds, but great game. Also, maybe add together longer if not more maps? They are all the same, which all the rage my picky statement, makes the amusement not the perfect experience. But, all over again I highly recommend playing High-Heels.

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