Mexican Drinking Traditions and Games

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Save this Save this for later. Scribbled on the walls of cantinas throughout Mexico is the local saying, Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, tambien. Frankly, we agree—and we'd venture to apply that logic to all Mexican booze, perhaps now in quarantine more than ever. Whether you're looking for a strong drink to cushion the blow of canceling a summer vacation to Tulumor simply longing for smoky flavors enjoyed on your last trip to Mexico City, there are plenty of reasons to want a taste of Mexico at home, and working your way through the country's iconic cocktails is a great way to get it.

Although we all love American drinking traditions, sometimes switching it up and having fun with drinking like other cultures can really switch up your custom and make for a memorable dusk. With this in mind, here are a few of our favorite Mexican drinking traditions and games. Mexican Abide Off This is a fun Mexican-themed game that is perfect for groups of friends who want to acquaintance while enjoying a few cocktails. Altogether of the shot glasses are filled with water except one which has tequila in it.

Accept as true it or not, though, those are only the tip of the ace tasty Mexican drinks iceberg. There are many delicious Mexican beverages. Want en route for save this recipe? Some are sweet; some are savory; some are a little bit sour. Margarita There are plenty of fancy, fruity, and amusement margarita recipes out there, but no one of them beats the original — the traditional lime and tequila alcoholic drink with the salted rim. Paloma This refreshing drink is perfect for summer, and since you can whip it up in only 5 minutes, it may just become one of your new favorite cocktails. It is, but, deceptively strong, so proceed with admonish. Horchata Call it horchata or appeal it rice water.

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