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This view does not depend on either the idea that genetic knowledge is profoundly prudentially important or that donor-conceived people have a right to genetic knowledge. When I found out, I was not heartbroken or devastated unlike the popular beliefbut I was more curious than anything else. In all likelihood, they will never know the identity of their donor. However, stopping with the Medical Reasons view short-circuits exploration of the more interesting question of whether there are other, perhaps more significant reasons for people to use a known donor. I want to foreground a central feature of the Significant Interest view: it does not directly depend on claims about the value of genetic knowledge. Most of the normative work in the argument depends on the premise that it matters that many donor-conceived people are subjectively interested in acquiring genetic knowledge. In other words, the Significant Interest view turns on a claim about the importance of the psychology of many donor-conceived people. Admittedly, it does not turn only on that claim. Now this might lead the reader to wonder: Is not the Significant Interest view a mere sideshow in virtue of conceding that a subjective interest in genetic knowledge is worthwhile?

Should surrogates and donors be paid? The great debate Share What are the harms of allowing payment for surrogacy or gamete donation? What are the harms of not allowing it? Experts weigh in. When it comes en route for assisted reproduction, no two people accede on everything. There's always a advantage, it seems to me, where constant like-minded people will diverge. The ask of payment for third party breeding — that is, reproduction involving surrogates, egg donors, sperm donors or donated embryos — is no exception.

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