Face Off: Law Enforcement Use of Face Recognition Technology

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Wie die NSA wurde, was sie ist I. Introduction If—as the English saying goes—timing is everything, then the start of my work with KoRSE last week and my lecture today could hardly be more opportune. Security and surveillance are leading global issues in ways that they have not been for years. But the intensely contemporary nature of my topic gives me pause for at least two reasons.

Accept recognition is a type of biometric identification. Biometrics are unique markers so as to identify or verify the identity of someone using their intrinsic physical before behavioral characteristics. Fingerprints are the a good number commonly known biometric, and they allow been used regularly by criminal acceptability agencies to identify people for above a century. The data that comprises a face template is distinct as of a photograph because it is calculated to only include certain details so as to can be used to distinguish individual face from another. Source: Iowa Administrative area of Transportation Face recognition systems are generally designed to do one of three things.

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