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The sections below will look at some common myths surrounding sex and alcohol consumption. In a study, participants who had consumed alcohol rated images of people more highly for attractiveness than a placebo group did. Interestingly, the ratings increased the most for those who people did not rate as very attractive to begin with. This effect is not surprising, as alcohol increases socialization, reduces inhibitions, and impairs judgment. Alcohol affects females and males differently When males and females drink alcohol at the same rate, regardless of weight, females are more likely to get more drunk. This is due to physiological differences in body composition, metabolism, and hormones. Female bodies generally contain less water and enzymes that break down alcohol, have a higher proportion of body fat, and experience changes in hormones that may affect metabolism. Drinking can improve sex An alcoholic drink or two might help shake off some inhibitions and increase confidence during sex, but being drunk usually has a negative impact. Feeling nauseous, feeling dizzy, falling asleep, being unable to get an erection, and being unable to reach orgasm can also be problematic during sex while drunk.

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