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Central article: Single-nucleotide polymorphism Single-nucleotide polymorphism before SNPs are variations of a definite nucleotide. SNPs can occur in coding or non-coding regions of genes after that on average occur once every nucleotides. Then, it is segmented using ceiling enzymes and each segment marked along with probes then exposed on X-ray big screen. The segments form patterns of black bars;the DNA fingerprint. The first being population studies based on mitochondrial DNA were performed by restriction enzyme analyses RFLPs and revealed differences between the four ethnic groups Caucasian, Amerindian, African, and Asian. Differences in mtDNA patterns have also been shown in communities with a different geographic origin contained by the same ethnic group [39] Alloenzymic variation[ edit ] Alloenzymic variation, a source of variation that identifies protein variants of the same gene anticipate to amino acid substitutions in proteins. After grinding tissue to release the cytoplasm, wicks are used to admit the resulting extract and placed all the rage a slit cut into a starch gel. A low current is administer across the gel resulting in a positive and negative ends.

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