Dault: Speak up Sister

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Here at The Ottawa Mission, we simply could not help as many people in need without the dedicated support of our compassionate army of volunteers. Every month, close to people fill a volunteer role at the shelter. From preparing and serving meals to organizing clothing donations and running bingo nights, volunteers do so much to help people in need. Lyn Ward is just one shining example. During five years of volunteering at The Ottawa Mission, Lyn has turned her hand and her heart to many different activities such as movie nights at the shelter and helping in the clothing room. Many of the people she helps have been out of school for years, but she has witnessed how hard they work, and the way they are transformed during the process. Paul University and First Baptist Church.

Photograph by: Muna Aden Downtown Ottawa. All is bundled up, shopping, or staying put exactly where they are, beyond, with nowhere else to go. He wants those who receive his cooking to feel respected and cared designed for. Shaheen led a busy life ahead of starting his non-profit. He graduated as of the Telfer School of Management by the University of Ottawa inwhere he specialized in finance. After graduating, he pursued many career options. He depleted time working in the private area, for the government and Elections Canada.

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