Andrew Coyne: Hopefully MPs are merely playing a vastly cynical game over Trudeau’s shenanigans

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One Western Conference player recalled arriving in the Edmonton bubble and immediately feeling claustrophobic. There's no other way to separate you from the outside world in a safe way, but it was an eye-opener when guys pulled up to the hotel. With the fences they put up, there was no way anyone was getting in or out, he said. In other words, the pre-bubble speculation regarding prison breaks by players seeking some fun outside the bubble were greatly exaggerated. The fact that Gary Bettman is going to award the Cup to Dallas or Tampa Bay by the end of the month is chalked up as a win. Not even close. But again, that wasn't the goal of the whole thing.

The people go nuts, Stefan said. We do these charity jersey auctions afterwards games sometimes. The guy who gets a hat trick? He'll sell Acceptable. But not as much as the guy who got into a argue that night. They're not going en route for be from here. They're going en route for be transplants.

Around has always been an element of fantasy to his prime ministership, before wishful thinking at least, on the theory that if we all as a group pretended he was a G7 boss, he would become one in abut of us. In the giddy bustle of Davos speeches and Vogue covers and quantum physics lectures, he can even have come to believe this himself. We apologize, but this capture has failed to load. Not the rules of the House, not the Speaker charged with enforcing them, not peer pressure or even the acceptance of time. No, it was ahead to him, and not merely arrange the strength of his personality before office, but by sheer physical break down. Perhaps he had grown too old to giving orders, such that his fellow MPs appeared to him akin to unruly students in need of his stern guidance. Perhaps all those shots of him boxing and doing pushups and paddling canoes had given him an exaggerated attachment to his accept physique. Or perhaps it was a minute ago one of those eccentric outbursts designed for which he was known as an MP, in the years before his handlers started grooming him for bigger things. Video grab At any appraise, that was all it was, after that all it might have been: a breach of decorum, a lapse of judgment, a revealing glimpse of the Trudeau mind, but nothing more.

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