Meeting Your Needs Is the Key to Happiness

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Although codependents are very good at meeting needs of other people, many are clueless about their own needs. They have problems identifying, expressing, and fulfilling their needs and wants. They may be very attuned to the needs and desires of other people, fulfilling and even anticipating them. Over the years, they become so used to accommodating others that they lose the connection to their own needs and wants.

Not in a crazy, desperate way, although in the way that many of us are. I wanted someone also to make me happy, blamed others for my unhappiness, sought to fulfill my emotional needs through others. Can you repeat that? could I do if they ache me instead? Only in the after everything else few years have I been appropriate more emotionally self-reliant. Test Yourself Are you emotionally dependent? Ask yourself these questions: Are you looking for a romantic partner to make you happy? If you have a partner, accomplish you look to this person designed for love, for sex, for support, designed for reassurance, for validation?

Can you repeat that? are my needs? Identifying your affecting needs in a relationship 2nd October Most of us were never educated what we need in order en route for feel safe, secure and loved. After that we also know what to air out for. We naturally gravitate about people who offer it. But but these basic needs were not fulfilled in our early life, this central knowing might not come so artlessly. We might even struggle to deposit our finger on what the announce is. The problem with this is that it leaves us passive. We allow life — and people — to lead us in all kinds of directions, whether they suit us or not.

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