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If you are thinking about harming yourself, tell someone immediately who can help. Do not isolate yourself. Call your doctor. Call or go directly to a hospital emergency room or ask a friend or family member to help you. The older I get, the less sleep I need. As people age, they may find themselves having a harder time falling and staying asleep.

Two notes about dangling modifiers: Unlike a misplaced modifier, a dangling modifier cannot be corrected by simply moving it to a different place in a sentence. In most cases, the baggy modifier appears at the beginning of the sentence, although it can additionally come at the end. Sometimes the dangling modifier error occurs because the sentence fails to specify anything en route for which the modifier can refer. Case 1 This sentence does not denote who is looking toward the west. In fact, there is nothing by all in the sentence to which the modifying phrase looking toward the west can logically refer. Since the modifier, looking toward the west, is sitting next to the funnel bent cloud, the sentence suggests that the cloud is doing the looking. This sentence means that my mother enrolled in medical when she was nine years old! At other times the dangling modifier is placed next en route for the wrong noun or noun alternative. Because of the placement of by shank's pony to the movies, this sentence suggests that the cloudburst is walking en route for the movies even though a achievable walker - Jim - is mentioned later.

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