10 Surprising Reasons You're Having Less Sex

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My uncles had a black box designed for our TV so we got all station, including the Playboy station, accordingly I grew up always putting the channel on when no one was home and getting aroused by it. As I got older, we moved and we never had the black box again. I remember my friends talking about jerking off and conclusion their dad's pornos and stuff, accordingly I would go around my abode searching for porn every week. I never found one video, DVD, arsenal, nothing. Even to this day I haven't found a single thing. Arrange my search, the only thing I found were condoms, that actually expired two years before my finding them. No matter how many times I looked, I never found anything above and beyond these same old condoms.

Although after a while, the frequency of those middle-of-the-night romps, lusty daydreams, after that racy text messages began to decline. What happened? From libido-lowering medications en route for an overdose of technology, here are the 10 most common sex ambition killers — and how to affect them. You're Too Darn Tired Advance and shine, go to work, knockout the boss, come home, whip ahead dinner — phew! Rutter, PhD, a Philadelphia psychologist and assistant professor all the rage human sexuality graduate programs at Widener University. Give morning sex a whirl! Could Mean Low on Libido After women reach their forties, their estrogen levels begin to decrease. Sterrett says. Not to mention, the less estrogen, the less lubricated vaginal tissues be converted into, and that can make penetration aching.

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