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The gentleman tells Kent that the king of France landed with his troops but quickly departed to deal with a problem at home. Kent tells the gentleman that Learwho now wavers unpredictably between sanity and madness, has also arrived safely in Dover. Lear, however, refuses to see Cordelia because he is ashamed of the way he treated her. The gentleman informs Kent that the armies of both Albany and the late Cornwall are on the march, presumably to fight against the French troops. Lear has hidden from her in the cornfields, draping himself in weeds and flowers and singing madly to himself. Cordelia sends one hundred of her soldiers to find Lear and bring him back. The doctor tells her that what Lear most needs is sleep and that there are medicines that can make him sleep. A messenger brings Cordelia the news that the British armies of Cornwall and Albany are marching toward them.

He has thus far escaped the manhunt for him, but he is anxious that he will soon be caught. He states that he will act as if to be one of the beggars who, having been released from insane asylums, wander the countryside constantly in quest of food and shelter. Lear spies Kent in the stocks and is shocked that anyone would treat one of his servants so badly. When Kent tells him that Regan and Cornwall put him there, Lear cannot accept as true it and demands to speak along with them. Regan and Cornwall refuse en route for speak with Lear, however, excusing themselves on the grounds that they are sick and weary from traveling. Lear insists. He has difficulty controlling his emotions, but he finally acknowledges en route for himself that sickness can make ancestor behave strangely. Regan suggests that Goneril may have been justified in her actions, that Lear is growing aged and unreasonable, and that he should return to Goneril and beg her forgiveness.

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