Legislative Assembly of Ontario

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Smith, on behalf of Ms. The Speaker Hon. Steve Peters : Debate? Monique M. I am absolutely convinced that this act, if passed, would save lives and protect individuals and families from the effects of the misuse of prescription narcotics and controlled substances. At the same time, our goal with this proposed legislation is to restore the balance between providing appropriate pain treatment for those who need it, while preventing misuse, abuse and addiction. Our government took prompt action to address the misuse and abuse of prescription narcotics and other controlled substances with the introduction of this legislation.

After that when it came to a assessment on re-opening the beach, Council built-in a response to the often constant request to look into how en route for manage the summer crowds usually knowledgeable. Many residents have commented that we pay the taxes but visitors compensate nothing and yet get to benefit from the beach. If nothing changed, the beach would reopen on September 1 but staff presented Council with four other options: Extend Closure to October 17th Keep beach closed only arrange weekends to October 17th Extend closing only until after Labour Day after that re-open September 8 Another option dogged by council. Choose Option 1: Adhere to the beach closed to October 17th. They also often park illegally. Addendum that there are no lifeguards by beaches in Provincial Parks.

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