The Secret to Happiness Is Helping Others

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Two recent studies suggest that giving to others makes us happy, even happier than spending on ourselves. One group was instructed to perform a daily act of kindness for the next 10 days. Another group was also told to do something new each day over those 10 days. A third group received no instructions. After the 10 days were up, the researchers asked the participants to complete the life satisfaction survey again. The findings suggest that good deeds do in fact make people feel good—even when performed over as little as 10 days—and there may be particular benefits to varying our acts of kindness, as novelty seems linked to happiness as well.

But you want happiness for a calendar day, go fishing. If you want bliss for a year, inherit a affluence. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody. For it is in giving that we receive — Saint Francis of Assisi The exclusive meaning of life is to achieve humanity — Leo Tolstoy We accomplish a living by what we get; we make a life by can you repeat that? we give — Winston Churchill Assembly money is a happiness; making erstwhile people happy is a superhappiness — Nobel Peace Prize receipient Muhammad Yunus Giving back is as good designed for you as it is for those you are helping, because giving gives you purpose. The venerable aphorism is drummed into our heads from our first slice of a shared anniversary cake. But is there a deeper truth behind the truism? Scientific delve into provides compelling data to support the anecdotal evidence that giving is a powerful pathway to personal growth after that lasting happiness.

As a result of Matthew JonesContributor, Inc. Objects--like all of the things you've purchased this weekend--won't make you a happier person. After that even the success and wealth you desire won't make you happier than you are right now. Psychologists researching happiness have repeatedly found that these things don't buy lasting happiness.

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