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May you Rest In Peace. The love that Chris and him had was magical and special. I am sure his legacy will live forever. I also know that his love and memory will last forever, by those who had the fortune of knowing him, sharing moments with him, feel his love and care I wish I had been one of those lucky people to witness in person what a grand human being he was I have fond memories of him. He was soft spoken, non judgmental, and listened to what people had to say.

But the first woman they passionately loved, the mother, was not true en route for her bond of love, then how can they trust that their affiliate will be true to love. A lot in their adult relationships these men act out again and again en route for test their partner's love. While the rejected adolescent boy imagines that he can no longer receive his mother's love because he is not admirable, as a grown man he can act out in ways that are unworthy and yet demand of the woman in his life that she offer him unconditional love. This difficult does not heal the wound of the past, it merely reenacts it, for ultimately the woman will be converted into weary of being tested and aim the relationship, thus reenacting the desertion. This drama confirms for many men that they cannot put their assign in love.

Anticipate everything is ok in the bliss, enjoy your vacation there!!!! Everyone A poem in memory of all those who have passed Author: Unknown I'd like the memory of me en route for be a happy one. I'd akin to the tears of those who afflict, to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave after life is done. Frank Cote Designed for my loving brother who was taken from us in a truck compelling accident in Ontario, January He put his life in his partner's hands and paid the biggest assess. Mom, dad and I miss you very much. A day doesn't attempt by that we don't think of you and wish you were at this juncture big brother. Tim Hickman 20 years old Twenty years ago, Tim went to work at his part-time activity and died 8 days after his 21st birthday. Tim - many changes have happened to support family members particularly since your death.

I feel so blessed that she entrusts me with her works of art! This BOOK!! I have a additional book boyfriend and his name is DEAN! Sorry, I'm gonna have en route for knock someone off my name as he is getting added! A abrupt dresser!! All I kept thinking was how much I wanted to animate in the pages of this charge and make Dean my own!!

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