Messages for New Beginnings: Encouraging Words for People Starting Fresh or Starting Over

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I knew that I needed to slow down, so I learned to say no more often. This has become a lesson I apparently need to learn over and over again—as soon as I say no and life has more balanceI think I have plenty of time to say yes. Mary realized she needed a fresh beginning in her career when she found herself daydreaming about having more flexibility and time with her kids—she was sick of seeing pictures of her sitter taking them to do fun things while she sat in meetings that felt increasingly fruitless. She always wanted to workand she still wanted a job that was challenging and fulfilling. She knew there were opportunities to do work she loved that would stretch her, but would also give her time for family or travel or hobbies.

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But you know the child is thrilled about going back to school, you can go with an upbeat communication that shows you share in their excitement. Hope this year is the best one yet. Keep it up! Encouraging college students, those in expert programs or anyone receiving a calling certification is a great way en route for set them up for success. Cheer Words for Empty Nesters Becoming an empty nester is bittersweet, and your message can reflect that.

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