The belief that demons have sex with humans runs deep in Christian and Jewish traditions

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By Cavan W. Concannon - August 12, The painting The Nightmare by John Henry Fuseli shows a demonic incubus perched on the chest of a sleeping woman. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons. As well as believing that scientists are working on a vaccine to make people less religious and that the U.

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At the same time as well as believing that scientists are working on a vaccine to accomplish people less religious and that the U. It has opened her ahead to much ridicule. But, as a scholar of early ChristianityI am alert that the belief that demons — or fallen angels — regularly allow sex with humans runs deep all the rage the Jewish and Christian traditions. Beginning says that, prior to the abundance of Noah, fallen angels mated along with women to produce a race of giants. The brief mention of angels breeding with human women contains a small amount of details. It was left to afterwards writers to fill in the gaps.

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