The Household Work Men and Women Do and Why

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By Maddy Savage 1st July As working mums perform more childcare and face increased job insecurity, there are fears Covid has undone decades of advancement. But could the pandemic be a catalyst for progress? P Pregnant and with two children under the age of six, Anna Xavier was recently so stressed about juggling work and life she threatened to move out of the family home and find her own apartment. The couple also took their children out of daycare which has largely remained open in Sweden for several months, due to worries about how the coronavirus could affect expectant mothers. The couple have since sent their children back to daycare and hired a cleaner to avoid further arguments. But by being the primary caregiver during the peak of the pandemic, year-old Xavier has fallen behind on her own business goals. Between pregnancy, the pandemic, housework and working from home, entrepreneur Anna Xavier says managing stress in the Covid era is a struggle Credit: Anna Xavier Unpaid labour at home At the beginning of the pandemic, there were high hopes that the global shift to home-working could mean childcare and chores would be divided more equally within couples. Researchers from Boston Consulting Groupwhich surveyed more than 3, people in the US and Europe, found that working women currently spend an average of 15 hours a week more on unpaid domestic labour than men.

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