How to Learn English by Speaking at Home: 10 Fun and Easy Ideas

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You can try English Pronunciation by Kepham. Once the app is installed, type in the word you want to hear pronounced. You can also try Sounds: Pronunciation Appwhere you can check the words in both British and American English pronunciation. Plus, this app has a practice and quiz tester too. Both of these apps are free to download. Exercise with Workout Videos How can that help you, you ask? If you choose to exercise, use English workout videos instead. When you work out, try and read those subtitles. Among the best exercise videos are those from exercise expert Shaun T.

Be able to you practice speaking English on your own? The answer is absolutely! At this juncture are 26 time-tested tips for improving your spoken Englishall by yourself! Constant people fluent in two or add languages have trouble switching between languages.

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