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Other Considerations If you love riding your bike to work or along bike paths, you may be wondering if it's safe to ride a bike while pregnant. Whether you are concerned about the intensity of the exercisethe way pedaling brings your knees up toward your baby bump or even the risk of falling off your bike we have some good news. Certified personal trainer and founder of Every Mother, Leah Kellerassures us, Bike riding is a safe, low-impact option for aerobic exercise that can be enjoyed throughout the entire pregnancy. As long as you still feel like riding and your doctor says it's OK, it is safe to ride a bike while pregnant. Bike riding while pregnant is not exactly the same thing as your usual bike riding, however.

Longer lasting parts and more safety. Build a Habit Your first few rides might be tough—your body is adjusting to the stress of a absolutely new activity. But like all things in life, real progress is made when you stick with it designed for the long run. The first action to make riding a habit is to be realistic. Start small after that grow from there. No matter after you choose to ride, lay absent your kit, fill your bottles, after that pump up your tires ahead of time.

It's a beautiful day — what could be more perfect than a bicycle ride? But wait! Before you appeal your bike out of the garage, let's find out how to adjourn safe on two wheels. Bike riding is a lot of fun, although accidents happen. The safest way en route for use your bike is to acquire places, not to play.

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