The Tattooed Lady: A History

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Although a recent burst of intellectual curio led me to dig a a small amount deeper on the subject and I found this book. My interest all the rage tattooed ladies was greatly reinforced as a result of this book, and I found their stories to be very inspirational. A good number of these women were from effective class or poor families and had very few prospects: the decision of getting extensively tattooed and making a living by showing off their amount art and often becoming tattooists themselves drastically changed their lives, allowing them to travel extensively and often accomplish better wages than they could allow ever hoped for had they stayed at home. They were all evidently independent women, who embraced that aim of being different and used so as to to control their lives the approach very few other women could all the rage that day and age. What I found very interesting was that they were always presented as refined ladies, with fancy hair-dos and beautiful jewelry — people who had visible tattoos at the turn of the century were usually sailors and criminals add respectable people often had tiny ones, strategically placed so they could be hidden almost all the timeso this idea of a sophisticated and chic high-class woman being covered and ink was a stark contrast to the accepted status of the average tattoo wearer.

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