The Best Pizza in Every State

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Print My husband grew up in the Chicago suburbs and went to college in Milwaukee, and insists the only way he likes to watch the seasons change these days is on The Weather Channel. We may be blessed with balmy weather for most of the year in San Diego, but I still like the approaching change of seasons and look forward to covering the outdoor grill and turning on the oven. Savory stews, braises, and hearty soups are my cool weather favorites, and I keep my Dutch oven busy all through the fall and winter. When prepared correctly, classic stews and braised dishes are incredibly flavorful — and surprisingly easy. The oven does most of the work, with just a little initial preparation on the part of the cook. Braising and stewing are very similar, usually using tougher cuts of meat, the difference being that a braise usually involves a larger piece of meat, seared first then cooked slowly in a covered pot with a little liquid like wine, beer or stock — think pot roast, braised pork shoulder or lamb shanks, or an Italian Osso Buco.

So as to was the year I first went to the original location of Buddy's Pizza, historically known as Buddy's Appointment, at the corner of Conant after that McNichols. Then and now, it's an address fairly far off the compacted path, way up in the northeast part of town. There are accordingly many to choose from, but Buddy's is inarguably Detroit's most iconic pizzeria; since the early days, it has expanded to become a regional attach, but this bunker-like pile, distinguished as of nearly everything else around it as a result of showing signs of life, remains its spiritual home. Buddy's goes back, approach back, to Prohibition times, when Gus Guerra, an immigrant from the diminutive Republic of San Marino, ran the place as a blind pig, before speakeasy. Eventually he enlisted his companion, Anna, who borrowed her Sicilian mother's recipes, and began to make pizza, cooking them in the sturdy metal trays used to store parts by the automobile plants. By the after everyone else s, Detroit was on to Guerra's curious square pies, with their brittle edges and generous amounts of cheek ladled on top, cut into cheerful, satisfying squares.

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