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In a commercial for Chewy Granola Barsa little boy walks up to the bride at a wedding reception and says My mom says she can't ''believe'' you wore white! When he sees Valerie Payne in a white dress, he finds himself liking the application of the sentiment in her. When their marriage takes place in the rewritten version of ChinaValerie wears, out of Shendu's will, a white wedding dress instead of the red version traditional in China. The Pieces Lie Where They Fell : Discussed in Chapter 18 of the sequel, Picking Up the Pieces, where Vix-Lei says she'll be this for her wedding in part because her mother will throw a fit if she's not and also because she's smart enough not to get involved with sometaur outside of marriage. Subverted in the Hooves - Platinum-versewhen Derpy is getting ready for her wedding and tells Rarity she doesn't want a white wedding dress. Rarity starts to freak out, thinking maybe she's missed out on some new fashion trend until Derpy points out that it wouldn't be traditional for her to wear white since she's already mother to a ten-year-old whose father she's going to be marrying soon, now that they've finally met up again and thus decidedly not a virgin. Rarity calms down after hearing this. Film In the Dragnet movie, the bad guys steal a wedding dress for their Virgin Sacrifice.

I was raised in Christian purity background. The evangelical purity movement—born in the s and still alive today—uses artificial promises, misinformation, and shame to argue people to abstain from sex. After I was nearing thirty and all the rage a committed relationship with my now-husbandI questioned why I should wait. I was beginning to realize that clarity culture encourages Christians to wait en route for have sex out of fear after that in anticipation of perfect future relationships. In short, for all of the wrong reasons. While the goal of a biblical sexual ethic for Christians is a noble and necessary individual, the core message of the clarity movement is steeped in fear: we are to remain pure or also.

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