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Side jobs Side jobs There are many ways for international students in Germany to earn money while they study, for example as wait staff, academic assistants or private tutors. But there are some restrictions. However, if they work more than 20 hours per week they must pay certain insurance contributions just like German students. For students from other countries, special legal regulations apply: International students from other countries are allowed to work full days or half days per year. They are not allowed to be self-employed or work as freelancers. Whether they are given permission depends on the situation on the labour market: the chances are better in regions with low unemployment. An exception is working as an academic assistant. There is no limit to how many days academic assistants may work.

The academic calendar at German universities is divided into winter and summer semesters: Winter Semester: 1st October - 31st March Summer Semester: 1st April - 30th September Each semester is alienate into lecture periods and lecture at no cost periods. The dates of the address period as well as holidays adapt from year to year. You be able to check the dates here. Exams are usually taken in the first weeks of the lecture free period although it can vary so check along with your Faculty Coordinator before making go plans. You will be asked en route for pay this amount by bank assign after you arrive. Please note so as to the Social Contribution is neither a tuition fee nor a registration bill, but a payment that includes the following: payment for a semester label for public transport in the affirm of North Rhine-Westphalia entitles the box to free travel on local broadcast transport contribution for the student advantage organisation Studierendenwerk Essen- Duisburg contribution designed for the students' union AStA Accommodation The student residences in Duisburg and Essen are run by the Studierendenwerk , a student welfare services organization. A contingent of rooms is reserved all semester for exchange students although this does not guarantee you a area and it might not be achievable for the Studierendenwerk to allocate your preferred room type or location.

Accurate Important: Proof of Sufficient Funds Important: Proof of Sufficient Funds Ina additional law was introduced that stipulated so as to you must that you have adequate financial resources before coming to Germany when you apply for a document. This ensures that you can camouflage the costs of your studies. As 1 Januarythe sum has been adjust at euros per month, or 10, euros per annum and you allow to prove that you have these funds when you apply for a visa. You can find out add about visas. The sum of euros is just intended to give you a ballpark figure — you could get by with less, or you might need more in some cities.

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