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Chapter 1 The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning Charming, charming, murmured the Director and, giving [Lenina] two or three little pats, received in exchange a rather deferential smile for himself. As readers, we feel more and more uneasy as we go. Chapter 2 We had Elementary Sex for the first forty minutes, she answered. Rosy and relaxed with sleep, eighty little boys and girls lay softly breathing. And we haven't even gotten to hunt-the-zipper yet. Chapter 3 Lenina Crowne Dr. Wells says that a three months' Pregnancy Substitute now will make all the difference to my health for the next three or four years. Only for a week or two, that's all.

Connotation beyond cool or chic. Exceptionally able. A phrase uttered in disbelief before when something bad happens. Look who just walked in here!

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