The Lives Lost to Coronavirus

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The Everest, newly launched, the biggest and fastest boat in the Trans-Atlantic services, was on her maiden voyage to New York. The fortunes of that voyage concern our story simply from the fact that it brought our two adventurers together and helped to show the manly stuff of which they were made. Thereafter the sea was not for them, but the far-off swamps and forests of the mighty Amazon Valley, where most amazing adventures befel them. On the Everest Dick Cavendish was fifth officer. At noon the patent log showed that the Everest was within a fraction of eighty miles from the lightship; and Captain Prowse already began to picture himself as holding the blue ribbon of the Atlantic. And so things continued without a hitch or break of any description until half the journey across the Atlantic had been accomplished; the weather remained fine, with light winds, no sea, and very little swell to speak of, while the ship ran as smoothly and steadily as though she were travelling on land-locked waters instead of in mid-Atlantic. Just cleared large area consisting of detached masses of field ice with several bergs, through which we have been working for the last three hours. Very dangerous.

Although just being alone is only amount of the difficulty. We fear losing—or we may have already lost—people we love. And when we work ahead the courage to look beyond our individual personal spheres, we see so as to many people who have made our world better, in big and diminutive ways, have vanished before we were ready to let them go. Although not even sorrow is one-dimensional. Around can always be at least a glimmer of joy in remembering things that people gave us while they were here. In his jubilant after that revivifying memoir, I Remember, the actor and writer Joe Brainard tabulated altogether the little things that can appear to shape how we think a propos life. Wet eyes and a above what be usual heart. But we all, at individual time or another, have reason en route for mourn.

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