Bondage and S&M During Pregnancy

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But, of course, it does happen. The pregnant form has been worshipped by societies for millennia, be it via fertility goddesses or simply treating women who are expecting with the adoration often reserved for kings and queens. But that was mainly due to the fact that women can carry and deliver children, and thus prolong the bloodline. What is it that drives such fervent fetishization of pregnant women in society today? Older siblings, researchers found, are more likely to develop this kind of attraction than those who never witnessed the birth of a baby brother or sister. In his book Modern SexualityAaron explains that testosterone has been shown to influence a predisposition to fetishistic interests, which is why members of the pregnancy fetish community appear to be overwhelmingly male. Men may be more likely to fetishize a round belly, or larger breasts heavy with milk.

After that some have nothing to do along with him. What gives? Read on designed for expert advice about your weird femininity dreams and what could be causing them. We can't promise they'll cease to exist when you're done, we can agree you'll stop stressing about them. Pregnancy is a time of life after your dreams are wilder than always. Extra blood flow to your genitals, raised estrogen levels that increase vaginal secretions, and sensitive, enlarged breasts aim your sex drive may be furious. The result? Your pregnancy dreams can reflect your joys and fears a propos your body in some unexpectedly forceful ways. Moreover, since you're waking ahead in the middle of the dark to use the bathroom or knead a leg cramp, you tend en route for remember more of your nighttime imaginings and more vividly.

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