Is It Okay to Hookup With a Friend's Ex?

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Is it possible to have no-strings sex with an ex? After we broke up, I moved away, but have recently moved back home. My ex and I have started chatting over social media and we ended up on a group night out together thanks to some mutual acquaintances. First of all, kudos on making the conscious decision to figure out your motivations before acting. The good news is that, for some people, sex with an ex can be a positive experience, and a far cry from the emotional turmoil-fuelled disaster that many handwringing and melodramatic sitcom storylines would have you believe. Now — and please note that I said for some people, not all people — as with most good news, there are caveats. A recent study by Stephanie Spielmann of Wayne State University and published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour showed that most people who had sex with an ex after a breakup did not feel distressed or depressed, nor did it hinder their recovery from the relationship. As it explored the feelings of those who had slept with an ex, it inherently focuses on people who did not write off sex with an ex as in inconceivable or truly terrible idea not worthy of exploring.

As a result of Jessica Munoz Sure, it sounds appealing to be in the arms of someone you once shared everything along with. There will always be an inborn bond with an ex because of the shared history and familiarity. Although is an ex encounter worth it? Is it possible for casual femininity with an ex to remain a minute ago that? Here, 10 people share their thoughts on casual sex with an ex.

Your new boo is fun, sexy, caring, and honestly everything you could allow hoped for in a partner. Although for some reason, every time you see an Instagram post or account from your ex, it still sparks anger and hurt feelings about the breakup. You thought you were above them, but what does this altogether mean? To help get clarity arrange this, I spoke to Dr.

Infrequently, those hookups can lead to dating, breakups, and new pairings within so as to group. And overlaps between people be able to happen. If your friend hooks ahead with your exyou may have feelings of anger, jealousy, and confusion. That's OK.

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