William Burroughs - the original Junkie

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Since, in the hysterical, anti-drug culture of postwar America, potential censure could easily induce self-censorship, it's remarkable that Junky as it was published under his own name found a publisher at all. Despite its subhead, Wyn did think the book had a redemptive capability, as the protagonist made efforts to free himself of his addiction, but he also insisted that Burroughs preface the work with an autobiographical sketch that would explain to the reader how it was that someone such as himself — a Harvard graduate from a Social Register family — came to be a drug addict. Both Junkie and Narcotic Agent have covers of beautiful garishness, featuring s damsels in distress. On the cover of Junkie a craggy-browed man is grabbing a blond lovely from behind; one of his arms is around her neck, while the other grasps her hand, within which is a paper package.

It goes something like this, Don't adjudicate a dick by its size. Able-bodied, I'm here to tell you so as to doesn't always have to be the case. Big things really DO appear in small packages. Don't discredit altogether the small guys out there! Can you repeat that? they're lacking in length or breadth, they sure as hell are assembly up for in many other departments.

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