A National Dyadic Study of Oral Sex Relationship Quality and Well-Being among Older Couples

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Advanced HIV infection is one of the factors that increases the risk of candidiasis becoming systemic and invasive. As a naturally occurring fungus, C. It is kept in check by a healthy immune system. As such, it is not sexually transmitted. Certain sexual activities may trigger the overgrowth of the fungus, leading to candidiasis. Oral Thrush There is no strong evidence that a vaginal yeast infection or penile yeast infection can be passed to someone performing oral sex. A review of studies from Brazil examined the association between oral sex and the risk of oral infections. What they found was that oral candidiasis was not so much linked to sexual behaviors, but rather to an underlying disease like HIV.

E-mail: ude. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail: journals. We estimate Actor—Partner Interdependence Models using the SEM accost to assess three well-being outcomes: all-purpose happiness, psychological distress, and self-reported cerebral health.

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