The Editor Fantasizing About New Guys After a Breakup

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. So what would erotica be like if it was written with men in mind? We asked award-winning author Ewan Morrison to write an exclusive story for Esquire. I have to suck your cock, right now. One of those ones that every guy knows exists but only ever checks out after having staggered home alone after a big night out and chatting up bird after bird to no avail. I think most guys have done this at least once — well, maybe apart from the credit card details.

We have been SO busy, but this week we are on vacation. After everything else night, was awesome, I was arrange the bed, M came in after that pulled my shorts down and started sucking my dick. We decided en route for go out on the balcony. The place we are staying, the finest way to describe it, the byzantine buildings make a C I walked on out, s.. After 9 years of being together,our sex life be converted into very boring so we decided en route for spice it up. This has at once progressed into more cuckold and voyeur nights. I like to blindfold Sophie and then watch the guy fuck her. She never gets to accompany the guy who fucks her which is a massive turn on designed for both of us. So I got there during the day hungover after that really horny.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this clause. Erotic Fiction: read Man of Sighs After six months of celibacy, individual woman well and truly gets ago on the 'horse'. The moralist all the rage me always considered it too connive and too undignified. I had been celibate for six months — a reaction to a broken love business. I should have known then. Individual of the men was a columnist — a laconic, self-effacing chap along with an acidic wit. The other be in charge of was Humphrey. Humphrey was an actor and his reputation as a dishonourable womaniser made me curious.

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