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Baby : Fuck you! Captain J. Spaulding : Two fucking seconds for the kid, is that gonna kill you? Otis : Yes, it is going to kill me! I have calculated the time, and two seconds is the exact amount of time that is a hazard to my fucking health. Baby : What the fuck is your problem? I'm in and out in two seconds!

Clever Stone Looking at the devil Thirty-five years ago, Sly Stone recorded his masterpiece, 'There's A Riot Goin' On', but his dazzling career was before now heading towards a meltdown of drug-fuelled paranoia. Barney Hoskyns Sun 19 Blight The mild-mannered, impeccably liberal TV congregation had had some far-out guests arrange his ABC talk show, but denial one like Sylvester Stewart had always plonked himself down in the caller armchair before. Certainly no one all the rage Stewart's physical state, for which the term 'wrecked' would have been a polite euphemism. Slurring his deep nasal words and rolling his tired eyes as he shuffled in the control the discussion, the man known more familiarly en route for Americans as Sly Stone had Cavett somewhere between mystified and terrified. Supercool and pimpadelic in a black boater that resembled a tea-cosy-cum-turban, Stone had finished up a thrilling version of the brilliant 'Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin ' before sauntering over to chat with Cavett. He looked like some exotic street-corner warlord. Only the remonstrations of his acquaintance Bobby Womack and his right-hand-man Hamp 'Bubba' Banks stopped him in his tracks. He was still in his hotel, working his way through a stash of cocaine and deferring change as long as he could.

Allay can't cover up the fact your last four albums is as abysmal as your selfie Now tell me, what do you stand for? After you the one that called Diddy facts Then you went and called Jimmy facts They conference called me in the morning what? They told me you mad about a cheep You wanted me to say apologetic what? I swear to God I ain't believe him nah Please about it ain't so no The adult bad bully of the rap amusement can't take a fucking joke Oh you want some fucking smoke what? EST captain, salute me or aim me That's what he's gonna allow to do to me when he realizes there ain't shit he could do to me Everybody always hated me, this isn't anything new en route for me Yeah there's a difference amid us, I got all of my shit without Dre producing me aye I know you're not used en route for me Usually one of your disses should ruin me But bitch I'm from Cleveland, everybody quiet this dusk, I'm reading the eulogy shh Dropped an album called Kamikaze, so so as to means it killed him Already fucked one rapper's girl this week, don't make me call Kim I'm ailing of them sweatsuits and them banal hats, let's talk about it I'm sick of you being rich after that you still mad, let's talk a propos it Both of us single dads from the Midwest, we can address about it Or we could acquire gully I'll size up your amount and put some white chalk about it.

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