Discovering Kalgoorlie – Boulder

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However, it was so large I was left gaping. On subsequent visits, I learned to expect the unexpected: ghosts, secret tunnels, stolen gold and even an American president. There are a few adventurous ways to get to Kalgoorlie, either by fabulous 4WD tracks or good unsealed roads. Even better, pop into the tourist information centre and grab a guided audio tour. Ghosts if you believe in them have been encountered in many of these old buildings. Herbert Hoover was 22 years old when he grew a beard, lied about his age and set sail for England. One of the places he spent a lot of time in was the beautiful Palace Hotel. Rumour has it he fell in love with a barmaid there, but he left for a position in China before things got too hot and steamy between them. As a parting gift, he left a stunning carved mirror, which now stands in the foyer of the hotel.

Ban whenever you can to avoid driver fatigue. The pictures will be a great memento of your time! Appreciative some of the Nullarbor specific signs! We had a great view of the bight from our wikicamps bite too.

WhatsApp A truck driver with a anger for drone photography is becoming a social media star, showcasing some of Australia's most remote and unique landscapes from the sky above the Nullarbor Plain Ben Stamatovich and his co-driver, wife Jacinta Brennan, make the hour, 5,kilometre round trip from Adelaide en route for Perth every week. Truck driver Ben Stamatovich started photographing the Nullarbor along with his drone in ABC Goldfields-Esperance: Jarrod Lucas The couple have driven the same route for the past five years, clocking more than a million kilometres together behind the wheel of a prime mover and road aim. They transport produce for supermarkets after that swap out of the driver's accommodate every five hours while taking all the rage views of the vast Nullarbor, an area about the same size at the same time as Great Britain.

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