Hoping to Clamp Down on Sex Trafficking Dallas Wants More Regulations for Massage Parlors

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That same year, DPD busted three massage parlors during a sex trafficking raid. The owners were sued by the city and charged with promoting prostitution. Pictures taken inside one of the establishments showed beds lining the floor where trafficked women were kept and where prostitution occurred. Now, with help from law enforcement, the city is considering ways it could further regulate massage businesses in an effort to snuff out illegal activity. DPD is looking into two types of businesses it says could be covers for prostitution, money laundering or human trafficking. The two are massage therapy and reflexology therapy businesses. Massage therapy is licensed, but reflexology is not. Dallas already has an ordinance about licensing and regulating massage establishments. They are also regulated by the state under the Texas Occupations Code, which sets guidelines for businesses, schools and therapists.

The attorney, Rusty Hardin, indicated there were sometimes consensual encounters during Watson's knead sessions. When later asked by a reporter to clarify, Hardin said we've never run from it and the question has always been about accept. The women, who filed their complaints using the pseudonym Jane Doe, allow generally alleged that he exposed himself or touched them with his genitals during massage sessions. Two women allow also accused him of sexual assail.

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