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Blog Loch Arkaig osprey cam Watch a round up of the season from our live osprey nest cam, set deep in the heart of an ancient Caledonian pine forest. Eventually he followed a new female to another nest. Young pair, Prince and Affric, took up residence for a while but they hadn't quite worked out how to breed yet. Maybe next year! Meanwhile Louis and his new mate Dorcha were doing better. Little heads were beginning to peep out from the new nest as our volunteer Liz Bracken filmed from across the loch. Chicks Aspen and Alder were ringed in July. Liz captured more video as the growing chicks tested their wings. Our ospreys all migrated by early September.

Appealing requires the help and participation of the entire population. This frequently occurred during Colonial times. Along with biased the war effort at home, a number of women even fought as soldiers, acted as couriers and engaged in intelligence. Here are a few of their stories. Sarah Fulton Created in answer to unfair British taxes and regulations, the Daughters of Liberty organization was first mentioned in the press all the rage They would organize boycotts, help assemble goods that were in short amount and even engage in public affirm when necessary. The Daughters of Authority also encouraged others to support authority. Redcoats had landed on the beach of Connecticut and were marching central to destroy rebel supplies. Because Colonel Henry Ludington had to stay adjacent Danbury to brief his soldiers, his eldest daughter volunteered to rouse the local militia.

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