100 Sexy Tattoo Design Ideas for Women : 2022 Updated!

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Credit: Instagram Using the upper arm as a horizontal canvas rather than a vertical one allows you to place tattoos like this. The butterflies are adorable and so simple. Love it. Symbolic Bird Arm Tattoo Credit: Instagram This bird is a peregrine falcon, but eagles are usually the most popular choice for bird tattoos. They symbolize freedom, adventure, nobility and sometimes patriotism as well. Water Lily Credit: Instagram Many floral arm tattoos are focused on the forearm, but not this one. The water lily is a beautiful flower to have inked on your body. They symbolize the circle of life. Artistic Style Tattoo Credit: Instagram A strip of stars and the moon is a popular tattoo on your arm, but this design makes it unique by mimicking the style of a famous artist — Vincent Van Gogh.

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